How long will it take to get necklaces?

Each individual piece of jewelry is uniquely handmade. Please us allow 3-7 business days for processing prior to shipping. We estimate 2-4 business days after shipping but once your order ships it's out of our control. However, if problems occur contact R&R for a quick solution. A tracking number will be provided directly to you once your order ships - make us aware if a tracking number isn't sent to you or if it's been lost, we will send a new one. Keep in mind that all of these estimations do not include weekends! 

How do I wholesale for my store with R&R?

Fill out a contact form located on our main menu under "Wholesale." List your name, the name of your store, your city, state, and zip code and we will get back to you.

Does R&R ZIP Code protect?

Yes - or a 10 mile radius if its a larger city, which is a second option due to previous issues in ZIPs.

Does R&R have a Raw & Rebellious storefront?

Unfortunately we do not. Although, we sell to stores all over. Check out our "Where We Are" tab in the main menu, you will find all our locations and see if one is close by! If we aren’t located near your residence let your favorite boutique know about us! We are always looking to expand.

We want R&R at our event, store, sorority, house, or fundraiser for a trunk show! How do set it up?

Fill out a contact form and let us know all the details! We love traveling to new places and meeting all of you beautiful ladies. If our schedule permits we would be stoked to host a trunk show for you! 

Oh no, my necklace broke! What do I do?

Hopefully, this is a rare occurrence! Considering each necklace is uniquely handmade - sometimes these issues happen. Have no fear! Reach out stating your problem, and we will resolve your jewels for you!

If I email you, how long until you respond?

Permit 24-48 hours for a response and we don’t check emails on weekends. If you DM us via Instagram and we don’t answer right away then send a quick email an we will get back to you.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We handle returns and exchanges on a case by case basis! Email us your situation and we can resolve it together! We don’t bite!