Our Story

My name's Sarah Smyth (A.K.A head gal here at Raw & Rebellious). I started R&R out of my college apartment as a creative way to earn some extra cash. However, with outpouring love and support from my family and friends, what started as a side hustle soon exploded into a full time job & community better known as "Raw & Rebellious"! 

Since launching my business, I have been fortunate to find myself amongst an amazing network of women. I soon realized I had a unique opportunity to incorporate my love for all things fashion, philanthropy, and travel into something that is bigger than just a jewelry company. I've always been a big dreamer; I want R&R to be a brand, an experience, and a way of life that people truly believe in.

We design & hand make each individual piece in Atlanta, Georgia with the intention of a brand that embraces everyone, regardless of shape, size, color, and chromosome. With my passion for inclusion and advocating for people with disabilities, I want you to know that when you purchase something from us, you become a direct contributor to a bigger initiative that means so much to us. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support! We can't wait to continue this journey together!!