"Emmy" Hair Clips

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R&R presents... hair barrettes! YAY!! These aren't just any ole hair clips. Firstly, they're SO CUTE. But more importantly, every purchase of these hair clips actually means something. 20% of each sale will go towards "Creative Enterprises" in Cumming, GA.  

I started volunteering at Creative last January, and have fallen inlove with the people that come everyday as well as the staff members. Creative Enterprises is a center for people post high school age with special needs. They come Monday- Friday, similar to regular school hours, and take classes, go on outings, go on fun trips, and help them work on skills for jobs and other real life situations. They accept people of all ages and abilities, so the classes are tailored to what the clients are able to do. They have vocational services as well, to help the clients join the working world! It is the MOST incredible organization and I'm so lucky to call them friends. Each hair clip is named after a gal that goes to Creative that modeled for us. So not only will you be getting the cutest hair clips in all the land, but it's going to an amazing organization that truly changes the lives of anyone that walks in the doors. To learn more, watch our IGTV about Creative Enterprises.

Hair clips are available to purchase in single quantities or in pairs. Happy shopping!